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NSRF | National Strategic Reference Framework

HEIs + Closer - Higher Education Institutions more Closer

Reference: FCOMP-04-0126-FEDER-037105

In the past years, Portuguese HEIs have maintained high quality standards in their operation and have responsibly managed to keep up with the best international practices, to achieve excellent levels of efficiency and quality.
With this project, the consortium aims to define advanced IT services that are useful to the community and, by exploring the benefits of interoperability, open standards and cloud computing, help bring around a development strategy for administrative modernization and rationalization of costs in the higher education context. It is desirable that, in the definition and design of these services their re-utilisation by other HEIs and members of AP is considered. The services will be made available mainly via mobile devices and by building an interoperability platform for Public Administration.

Beneficiaries / Co-promoters | Consortium Partners

University of Porto (Project Holder)
Instituto Politécnico do Porto (Partner)
Universidade da Beira Interior (Partner)
Universidade de Aveiro (Partner)
Universidade de Coimbra (Partner) 

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APNOR Portal

Operation nº 003746 | Design and development of an interoperability platform among the Polytechnic Institutes (transversal operation)

The Project SAMA aims at developing an interoperability platform for APNOR (Association of North Polytechnic Institutes), whose members are the Porto Polytechnic Institute (IPP), the Bragança Polytechnic Institute (IPB), the Viana do Castelo Polytechnic Institute (IPVC) and the Cávado e Ave Polytechnic Institute (IPCA). The platform integrates the APNOR Portal and the Interoperability Platform. The APNOR Portal will comprise the following areas: institutional information and services. The following information will be made available: academic and school information, services and social action, e-learning, document management, graduate observatory, and customer relationship management. The framework provided by the Agency for Administrative Modernisation will be used as a Framework for common services. Various features to encourage the use of the identity card will be developed. The project will be tested with APNOR Master Degrees.

Project funded by

NSRF | National Strategic Reference Framework
SAMA | Administrative Modernization Support System
COMPETE | Programa Operacional Factores de Competitividade
FEDER | Fundo Europeu de Desenvolvimento Regional 

Intermediary Body / Management Authority

AMA | Agency for Administrative Modernisation, IP (ama@ama.pt)

Beneficiaries / Co-promoters | Consortium Partners

IPP (coordinator / lider), IP Bragança, IP Cávado e Ave and IP Viana do Castelo 

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