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22 > 22.09.2017 · 09:50 > 17:30


Escola Superior de Educação

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Primary English Education in Portugal: a meeting to value and share teacher research

This meeting, a joint event organized by Politécnico do Porto - Escola Superior de Educação and Universidade Nova de Lisboa - Faculdade de Ciências Sociais e Humanas, will bring together teachers and researchers of Primary English Teaching from Portugal to share, discuss, reflect on and develop their ideas. This meeting offers opportunities for professional development and networking. PEEP'17 is a one-day programme of poster presentations and short talks.



A list of possible topics to be discussed at the PEEP'17 Meeting could include the following, however other proposal topics are also welcome:

  • Analogue and Digital Resources Development
  • Assessment
  • Collaboration and Cooperative Strategies
  • Content Language Integrated Learning
  • Creativity and Emotional Skills
  • Critical Thinking
  • Flipped-Classroom Approach
  • Gamification Pedagogy
  • Intercultural and Plurilingual Approaches
  • Language Use and Communication
  • Multisensorial Pedagogies
  • Picturebooks and Storytelling
  • Special Needs Education


Proposals are welcomed from teachers involved in classroom-based research and reflective practice. Proposals should be in poster format or as a talk with a six-slide presentation (Keynote® or PowerPoint®, for example). Each should last 10 minutes. Proposals can be written in English or Portuguese, should have a title of no more than 10 words and an abstract of 250 words. Proposals are blind-examined by two anonymous referees. Proposals must be submitted here. The deadline for proposals is 30 June 2017. 



A selected number of papers will be published in a special number of Sensos-e, in collaboration with the InED - Centre for Innovation and Research.,  Politécnico do Porto - Escola Superior de Educação.  Sensos-e journal  submission is subject to a double blind peer review process, done by the Editorial Board. The author(s) will receive an evaluation report for each submission. The submission system will be open after 22 September 2017 in a link that will be displayed on the journal’s website (http://sensos-e.ese.ipp.pt).



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