MSc: 2 years ( 120 ECTS units ) The need to understand complex phenomena, simulate operations and make critical decisions to manage scarce resources and sophisticated technologies in highly competitive environments has significantly increased the interests in applied mathematics. With the MSc in Applied Mathematics to Engineering and Finance, ISEP trains professionals with specialized knowledge in mathematical computation and modelling, data mining and risk analysis to support the resolution of technological and financial problems. Throughout the course, students also develop advanced skills in computational calculation, actuarial mathematics, and statistics, and learn how to manage professional software like MatLab, SPSS, R and RapidMiner. Designed for engineering, mathematics, economics, management and accounting graduates, the course takes into account a wide range of profiles and professional ambitions. The programme ensures a close contact with companies. Students can analyse case studies, participate in seminars with invited experts and develop their final project in corporate or research environments. Recently, students presented studies concerning stock management, electrical prices evolution and automatic tools for risk analysis. Schedule Evening Schedule: Monday to Friday, 18:10-23:30. Partnerships In recent years, students developed their final project in companies like EDP , Grupo Nors , research groups such as LEMA , among others.


N.º Despacho/Portaria: 9220/2012
Unidade Ano Período
Statistical Experimentation and Data Analysis 1 1st Semester
Graphs and Algorithms 1 1st Semester
Numerical Methods in Engineering 1 1st Semester
Seminar on Applied Mathematics to Engineering and Finance I 1 1st Semester
Databases (optional) 1 1st Semester
Project Management (optional) 1 1st Semester
Innovation and Entrepreneurship (optional) 1 1st Semester
Financial Investments (optional) 1 1st Semester
Forecasting Methods (optional) 1 1st Semester
Image Metrology (optional) 1 1st Semester
Process Modelling and Simulation (optional) 1 1st Semester
Data Mining (optional) 1 1st Semester
Neural Networks (optional) 1 1st Semester
Systems of Nonlinear Equations and Numerical Optimization (optional) 1 1st Semester
Dynamic Systems (optional) 1 1st Semester
Analysis and Risk Management 1 2st Semester
Machine Learning 1 2st Semester
Operational Research, Planning and Optimization 1 2st Semester
Seminar on Applied Mathematics to Engineering and Finance II 1 2st Semester
Game Theory and Financial Mathematics 1 2st Semester
Multivariate Statistical for Engineering and Finance (optional) 1 2st Semester
Project Management (optional) 1 2st Semester
Process Modelling and Simulation (optional) 1 2st Semester
Data Mining (optional) 1 2st Semester
Case Studies 2 1st Semester
Erasmus Project/Internship 2 1st Semester
Seminar on Applied Mathematics to Engineering and Finance III 2 1st Semester
Data Warehouse and Analytical Processing (optional) 2 1st Semester
Actuarial and Financial Calculus (optional) 2 1st Semester
Financial Investments (optional) 2 1st Semester
Image Metrology (optional) 2 1st Semester
Optimization and Decision Methods in Power Systems (optional) 2 1st Semester
Dissertation / Project / Traineeship 2 Annual
Erasmus Project/Internship 3 1st Semester