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P.PORTO knows how important sports is and how determinant sporting activities may be for students' personal and social development, as well as that of the surrounding communities.

Sports is a strong factor of social integration and cohesion, adding meaning to a complete and responsible citizenship. Apart from the obvious educational and training responsibilities, P.PORTO's identity is also based on the culture of cooperation, competition and personal responsibility typical of sports.

We are certain that sports is of core importance, together with physical activities, for personal and social development. That is why hundreds of students and other people from the surrounding communities are daily involved in different sporting activities carried out in our sports facilities and equipment.

P.PORTO is presently a reference in Higher Education sports. Its success includes organising finals and participating in different national sporting events under the umbrella of Federação Académica do Desporto Universitário (FADU). Our success has been the reflection of the teams' and athletes' commitment in national competitions (FADU), as well as in international ones (EUSA and FISU). Here, we would like to emphasise the excellent final scores obtained by our teams and athletes in European competitions (EUSA), namely in volleyball and beach volleyball, soccer, basketball and karate (with bronze and silver medals).

For more information — available programmes, registration, prices and schedules, please go to the information desks or send us an e-mail cde@sc.ipp.pt