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Accounting and Administration (Evening courses) (Evening Classes)

The main purpose of the first cycle of studies is to train graduate students, providing them with solid knowledge in accounting and business administration and with the capacity to deal with the new information technologies.

In this perspective the fundamental objectives are: i) to train professionals who are able to meet the challenges of the new organizational paradigms and information technologies; ii)to prepare skilled technicians who are able to perform a comprehensive analysis and have a general understanding of organizational phenomena; iii) to provide students with a solid background in accounting and administration, making them able to design accounting information systems, internal control systems and to prepare and analyze economic and financial, budgetary, fiscal and analytical information.

The skills taught enable future professionals to work in a wide range of companies and public or private organizations, working in a team context and in different conditions, on the basis of initiative, opportunity, innovation and continuous improvement


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344 - Contabilidade e fiscalidade
Número: R/A-Ef 4/2012
N.º Despacho/Portaria: Despacho nº 19046/2008 (2ª Série)
1º Ano
Unidade curricular Período ECTS
Microeconomics Summer Semester
Applied Mathematics Summer Semester
English Applied to Accounting Summer Semester
Financial Accounting Summer Semester
Corporate and Labour Law Summer Semester
Operations Management Summer Semester
Information systems and technologies Summer Semester
General Accounting Winter Semester
Fundamental Law Concepts Winter Semester
Macroeconomics Winter Semester
Introduction to Management Winter Semester
Social Psychology of Organizations Winter Semester
Technical English Winter Semester
Mathematics Winter Semester
2º Ano
Unidade curricular Período ECTS
Statistics and Probability Summer Semester
Advanced Financial Accounting Summer Semester
Income taxation of individuals and Property Tax Summer Semester
Introduction to Human Resources Management Summer Semester
Financial Management Summer Semester
Organisational Behaviour Summer Semester
Management Accounting Summer Semester
Management Information Systems Summer Semester
Company Accounting Winter Semester
Financial Calculation Winter Semester
Cost Accounting Winter Semester
Fiscal Law Winter Semester
Enterprise Law Winter Semester
Corporate Finance Winter Semester
3º Ano
Unidade curricular Período ECTS
Marketing Summer Semester
Option II - Quality Management Summer Semester
Option II - Tax Law Summer Semester
Option II - European Union Law Summer Semester
Fundamentals of International Economics Summer Semester
Option III - Public Institutions Accounting Summer Semester
Option III - Investment Projects Summer Semester
Option III - Portuguese Economy Summer Semester
Option III - Sectorial Accounting Summer Semester
Business Simulation Project II/ Curricular Internship II - Managerial Simulation Project II Summer Semester
Business Simulation Project II/ Curricular Internship II - Curricular Internship II Summer Semester
Strategic Management Summer Semester
Option I - Internal and Management Auditing Summer Semester
Option I - Advanced Management Accounting Summer Semester
Option I - Management Control and Planning Summer Semester
Entrepreneurship Winter Semester
Applied Statistics Winter Semester
Business Simulation Project I/ Curricular Internship I - Managerial Simulation Project I Winter Semester
Business Simulation Project I/ Curricular Internship I - Curricular Internship I Winter Semester
Consumption and Corporate Taxation Winter Semester
Ethics and Deontology Winter Semester
Auditing Winter Semester
Group Accounting Winter Semester
  • Accountant
  • Financial and Tax Advisor
  • Manager of Companies and other public or private organizations
  • Member of the Senior Staff of Financial institutions
  • Tax Administration Technician
  • Auditor
  • Access to the profession of Certified Accountant (by meeting the standards of the Ordem dos Contabilistas Certificados)
  • Access to the profession of Chartered Accountant (by meeting the standards of the Ordem dos Revisores Oficiais de Contas).

Secondary Education + National Examination (Economy or Geography or Mathematics)

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