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Electrical Engineering - Power Systems

Número: 9110
N.º Despacho/Portaria: 12 806/2006
Unidade Ano Período
Linear Algebra and Analytic Geometry 1 1st Semester
Experimental Physics 1 1st Semester
Introduction to Electrotechnics 1 1st Semester
Mathematics Laboratory 1 1 1st Semester
Mathematics I 1 1st Semester
Work Methods in Engineering 1 1st Semester
Algorithmic and Programming 1 2st Semester
Electronics 1 2st Semester
Mathematics Laboratory 2 1 2st Semester
Mathematics II 1 2st Semester
Fundamentals of Electricity 1 2st Semester
Thermodynamics and the Structure of Matter 1 2st Semester
Computational Calculus 2 1st Semester
Electromagnetism 2 1st Semester
Statistics 2 1st Semester
Digital Systems 2 1st Semester
Electrical Energy Systems I 2 1st Semester
Power Electronics 2 2st Semester
Energy and Sustainable Development 2 2st Semester
Lighting Design and Applications 2 2st Semester
Electrical Machines I 2 2st Semester
Electrical Energy Systems II 2 2st Semester
Automation and Control 3 1st Semester
Introduction to Management 3 1st Semester
Electrical Machines II 3 1st Semester
Electrical Installations Design I 3 1st Semester
Telecommunications 3 1st Semester
Electric Power Systems Analysis 3 2st Semester
Project Internship 3 2st Semester
Electrical Installations Design II 3 2st Semester
Electrical Power Distribution (optional) 3 2st Semester
Electromechanical Systems (optional) 3 2st Semester
  • ISEP graduates develop technical, scientific and cultural skills, according to the sixth level of the National Qualifications Framework . The BSc ensures students are prepared to face the labour market and apply to the main professional bodies in Portugal: Ordem dos Engenheiros or Ordem dos Engenheiros Técnicos . Career prospects Graduates in Electrical Engineering – Power Systems can work with the production, transportation and distribution of electricity
  • energy efficiency and energy management projects
  • energy certification of buildings
  • design, implementation and operation of electrical installations
  • home automation and centralized technical management
  • industrial maintenance
  • among other opportunities.

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