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Pós-graduação em Bioquímica Clínica e Metabólica

This post-graduation is aimed at making students capable of:

• Work in numerous Health sectors in the area of diagnosis and therapy linked to clinical and metabolic biochemistry;

• Be acquainted with and know how to use experimental models (in vitro, cellular and animal) for the development of therapeutic strategies and evaluation of metabolic disorders;

• Recognize the importance of Nutrition within the scope of Dietetics, in metabolic diseases.


Acreditado por: Acreditado preliminarmente

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1º Ano
Unidade curricular Período ECTS
Metabolism II Winter Semester
Clinical Pathology Winter Semester
Forensic Chemistry Winter Semester
Molecular and Cellular Endocrinology Winter Semester
Nutrition and Dietetics Winter Semester
Histochemistry and Immunocytochemistry Winter Semester
Metabolism I Winter Semester
Experimental Models of Metabolic Diseases Winter Semester
Clinical Biochemistry Winter Semester
Analytical Cytology and Cytomics Winter Semester
Not applicable

Students and graduates in the fields of Life Sciences, Health Sciences or other related areas, who prove to possess an adequate scientific preparation to attend the course; other professionals with an academic, scientific or professional curriculum considered relevant for the purposes of the course.