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Pós Graduação em Avaliação Urodinâmica do Aparelho Urinário Inferior

Functional Urology, a recently widespread concept, is an increasingly important area in the diagnosis and treatment of micturition disorders. Given the relevance and specificity of this field, a continuing education course in the form of a post-graduation proved to be opportune, allowing Health professionals to specialize in this area through a quality training programme.

The main aim of this course is to provide trainees with theoretical and practical skills necessary to perform numerous medical procedures (exams); besides, it is essential that these professionals are recognized by their academic qualifications whenever invasive techniques are necessary, so they can properly execute them and safeguard their patients’ safety. It should be highlighted that these exams should always be carried out under medical supervision.


Acreditado por: Acreditado preliminarmente

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A Bachelor of Science degree in Neurophysiology or other Health-related areas. Candidates will be assessed by their CV, theoretical exam and interview.