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Pós Graduação em Fisioterapia no Desporto

This course is aimed at training students to:

• Collect information regarding the condition and its seriousness, and infer the possible implications for the athlete of his participation in daily-life activities, in sports and in exercise;

• Select and apply clinical trials and analyze their results, linking them to the performance and considering the particular necessities of each sport and age group;

• Combine the concepts of reliability and validity of different measures during trials, in relation to the interpretation of the assessment data;

• Interpret the results of the assessment in order to reach a diagnosis of pathologies that might not be related to sports;

• Describe the types, mechanisms, aetiology and risk factors of musculoskeletal lesions;

• Analyze and critically assess scientific-based evidence regarding the criteria for returning to sports practice, in the context of different lesions;

• Recognize and act upon indications for an urgent or non-urgent referral of an athlete for posterior investigations or intervention by other members of the multidisciplinary team;

• Understand the most frequent medical conditions and the benefits arising from physical exercise.


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Target Audience

1. Owners of a Bachelor of Science degree in Physiotherapy or other legally equivalent diploma; owners of a Bachelor degree in allied areas;

2. Owners of a foreign academic degree in Physiotherapy or allied areas, awarded after completion of an undergraduate programme organized according to the principles of the Bologna Process, and issued by a State adhering to this same process;

3. Owners of a foreign academic degree that might be recognized, by the Technical and Scientific Council of ESTSP, as fulfilling the objectives of the Bachelor of Science degree in Physiotherapy;

Owners of an academic, scientific or professional resume in Physiotherapy or allied areas that might be regarded, by the Technical and Scientific Council of ESTSP, as a certification of capacity to attend this study programme.