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"Pós-graduação em Tecnologias para a Comunicação e Inovação Empresarial" (Evening Classes)

After post-graduation in Communication Technologies for Business Innovation will have acquired competences to produce contents and communicate effectively on the web, using the latest technologies. You can take a leading role in digital communication in the organization, company, school or other institution in which you performs it functions. The use of facilitated technologies will patentiate the performance and visibility of your daily activity. The professionals will be able to act as responsibles guardians of the area of organizational systems, responsible for the development of innovation projects, where they assume the enterprising role, team leadership and product innovation and service activities.


Acreditado por: Acreditado preliminarmente

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1º Ano
Unidade curricular Período ECTS
Inovação e Tecnologia Organizacional Summer Semester
Gestão de Projectos Tecnológicos Summer Semester
e-Commerce Summer Semester
Gestão da Informação e do Conhecimento Summer Semester
Comunicação na Web Summer Semester
Segurança Informática Winter Semester
Tecnologias de Comunicação a Distância Winter Semester
Organizational Communication Winter Semester
Sistemas de E-learning Winter Semester
Sistemas de Informação Winter Semester
The Postgraduation in Communication and Technologies for Business Innovation is dedicated to the integration in professional context of postgraduates with advanced training able to act as responsible of the communication area, technology and business innovation in an organization, where they assume the enterprising role, the team leadership and product and services innovation and activities.

May apply for this graduation course in Business Communication, Assistance and Translation and related areas of Polytechnics and/ or subscribers Universities countries of the Bologna Declaration taking in consideration the respective curriculum. May also apply person without undergraduate degree provided with scientific and/ or professional curriculum in relevant areas of the course. The selection of applicants for the course graduation will be performed for assessing the 'Curriculum Vitae' academic and professional, taking into account the basic scientific training and relevant work experience, which can be complemented with an interview.