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EvoKE 2017



05 > 08.02.2017 · 08:00 > 20:00


Escola Superior de Educação

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In the 157th year of the publication of Darwin’s groundbreaking work “On the Origin of Species” we announce the first European meeting aiming to promote “EVOlutionary Knowledge for Everyone” to be held from the 6th to the 8th February 2017 in Porto, Portugal. The three day conference is structured around five plenary talks and several break out sessions where participants will exchange ideas and actively work together.

EvoKE aims to foster a discussion on the state of evolutionary education, outreach and policy in Europe.

More specifically, EvoKE aspires to:

  • stimulate a discussion on the state of European citizens’ acceptance/understanding of evolution
  • identify priority issues that need to be addressed and questions that require further research
  • identify best practices and generate recommendations that individuals and organisations can employ to support high ­quality science education in evolution
  • foster and strengthen collaborations between different stakeholders (researchers, educators, science communicators, policy makers) that can lead to European wide projects to promote the public understanding of evolution.

The first act of EvoKE is the first European-wide discussion to assess the state of Europe’s understanding of evolution and identify priorities- EvoKE 2017. This meeting will take place on 6-8th February in Porto, Portugal.