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Research Centres

P.PORTO has 30 scientific research groups in its seven Schools. These groups have participated in countless national and international R&D projects and have been recognised for the quality of their scientific production, namely in qualitative indicators for scientific literature.

The research units are recognised by Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia (FCT), and are characterised by sound competitiveness and excellence, and firmly linked in the national and international research networks.

Four independent R&D units recognised by FCT stand out: CIDEM, CIETI, CISTER and GECAD, as well as several groups integrated in Associated Labs (GRAQ at REQUIMTE; CROB and CISTER at INESC-TEC, where P.PORTO has a 10% stake) and other research units that are formally part of a campus or P.PORTO's group (BIOMARK, which participates in CINTESIS, CEI, which participates in IELT, CIPEM, which participates in INET-md and the IPP campus at CESEM).

P.PORTO also has an Excellence Centre for Medical Equipment (NORTEXCEL), which is recognised by the European Union. Undergoing national and international projects are proof of a tight relationship with business companies, organisations and society at large.