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Researchers' Support

Researchers' Support Office

The Researchers' Support Office is a governing body and provides cross sectional support to the existing research units, thus establishing synergies and promoting their identity and cohesion.

We create and promote national and international cooperation strategies, specifically aimed at the research framework programmes, always bearing in mind the high quality research carried out at P.PORTO. This is one of the reasons why we encourage and actively promote exchange programmes for graduate students (PhD).

We also provide financial and administrative support to researchers when preparing applications to projects and research programmes. At the same time, we actively invest in gathering and announcing the different notices and regulations for the application processes to research projects, grants and awards.

We consider it is extremely important to create and promote valuable partnerships, which will contribute to research development. Thus, together with the Planning, Development and Assessment Office we support scientific research decisions, namely those concerning bibliometric analysis or any other deemed important. We also systematise and update our database on research projects, researchers, scientific facilities and existing equipment. We, therefore, stimulate the use of the Institute's platform that is intended for the sistematisation and promotion of the researchers' curricula.


PAPRE (Support Programmme for the Publication of Articles in High Quality Scientific Journals) has the objective of recognising the ability of IPP's teaching staff and researchers to publish papers in international scientific journals. It does so by encouraging the announcement of all scientific results produced in P.PORTO, while also promoting the improvement of its positioning in the main international rankings.

Public Notice for PAPRE's 6th Edition
Order for setting up PAPRE
Application Form


The Research and Development Scholarships are granted to P.PORTO's students with good academic performance who have been chosen to integrate research and development units, in any of the Institute's seven Organic Units. These scholarships are part of the cooperation protocol P.Porto has established with Santander Totta Bank.

Regulation for the Research and Development Scholarships - IPP-Santander Totta 

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