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Sports Centre

The Sports Centre of the Polytechnic Institute of Porto (cde@sc.ipp.pt) offers the academic community high-quality sports facilities suitable for different types of sports. Whether for leisure play or professional competition, users may choose from athletics, basketball, badminton, bodyboard, canoeing, climbing, orientation, karate, judo, taekwondo, swimming, rowing, surf, tennis, table tennis, football, futsal, volleyball, beach volleyball, and many others.

Facilities and Equipment

Sports Hall

The following sporting activities may be practised: handball, basketball, badminton, 5-a-side football, table tennis, volleyball, etc. It has been certified for official competitions and has a grandstand that seats 400 people.

Outdoor synthetic pitches

The outdoor synthetic pitches are mainly for 5-a-side football and tennis games.

Sand courts

Facilities dedicated to beach tennis and beach volleyball (for recreational purposes or competition). There are three courts with official dimensions. 

Fitness trail

P.PORTO and FEUP (Engineering Faculty) got together to create a 2.5-km fitness trail in a shared green area, where everyone may go jogging in pleasant surroundings and on a track specially prepared for maintenance running.

Fitness Area

The Fitness Area provides different sporting activities related to cardiovascular fitness and bodybuilding, as well physical therapy support. Please, check here the P.PORTO Fitness Area regulation.

Tennis School

The P.PORTO Tennis School (), was set up in February 2012, and people may learn how to play tennis with the innovative teaching methodologies used by the certified trainers working there, as a result of P.PORTO's partnership with the Federação Portuguesa de Ténis (Portuguese Tennis Federation). Please, check here the P.PORTO Tennis School leaflet.

Climbing wall

Nine meters high, 2.5 metres wide and a climbing area of 22.5 square metres, this multi-purpose wall may be mounted with different heights, which allows different adventure sports to be practised at the same time (climbing, sliding, rappel, etc).


Sporting activities

The available sporting activities are aimed at every P.PORTO's student wishing to practise sports for recreational or competition purposes, enjoying the facilities and existing support. There are people practising athletics, badminton, bodyboard, karate, judo, taekwondo, swimming, rowing, surfing, tennis, table tennis, target archery, volleyball, beach volleyball and climbing.

It is very easy to be part of PORTO's team. One should first choose one or more sports and then just come to the Sports Centre and enjoy the practising drills. Become one of this great team.