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09 > 12.04.2019 · 10:00 > 20:00


Escola Superior de Educação

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The INW2019, an international scientific joint event organized by Politécnico do Porto – Escola Superior de Educação (International Relations Office) and inED – Centre for Research and Innovation in Education, will bring together teachers, researchers and staff working in the field of Education to share, discuss, reflect on and develop their ideas on topics related to Networking in Education.

This meeting is also an international week promoted by ourInternational Relations Officeoffering good opportunities for intercultural exchange and both personal and academic development. Therefore, professionals may attend INW2019 Conference / International Week under the framework of the Erasmus+ Programme (Staff Mobility for Teaching or Staff Mobility for Training).

INW2019 is a four-day programme of lectures, seminars, workshops and short language courses. It will take place at Politécnico do Porto – Escola Superior de Educação from 9th to 12th April 2019.


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