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ProuD To Teach All


ProuD To Teach All’ is an ambitious Erasmus+-project which supports the fourth United Nations Sustainable Development Goal of inclusive and quality education for all.

The purpose of ‘ProuD’ is to contribute to building school systems which respond to the challenges of the 21st century by serving learners with a range of backgrounds, interests, and learning differences. It is doing this through developing professional learning communities (PLCs) around schools in five European countries (Belgium, Latvia, Portugal, the Netherlands and the UK). Within these PLCs, teachers and other professionals are engaging in collaborative problem-solving relating to diversity and inclusive pedagogy and developing collaborative skills through coaching.


The ProuD Project is creating a range of outputs including an online inspiration centre, a training guide and a professional learning package. The project will provoke formative dialogue and reflection with learners, families and partners in the local community, leading to recommendations for policy makers and researchers.

The project therefore is playing an important role in enabling educators from across Europe, to become more responsive to the uniqueness of each particular class and learner they encounter. Through ‘ProuD’, teachers are also being granted a greater sense of professionalism, professional identity and “pride” in their role.

‘ProuD’ has four broad goals which serve to enhance teacher professionalism towards inclusion and greater “pride for all” (see visual).





Refª 2020-1-BE02-KA201-074764

Coordenador Interno – Manuela Sanches-Ferreira

Membros internos – Sílvia Alves, Mónica Silveira-Maia, Teresa Aguiar




UC Leuven

Universiteit Gent

Liepajas Universitate

Leeds Beckett University

Stichting Hogeschool Utrecht


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